Amazon Echo price in the US cut in half until midnight tonight


There's a new low Amazon Echo price today in the US, meaning it's probably the best time to buy it before Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

It's $89.99 until midnight tonight through a bunch of non-Amazon websites like Bloomingdales, PC Richard & Son,  Bed, Bath & Beyond and Best Buy.

What's interesting is that not only is the price more expensive than this at the normal $179, Amazon's refurbished units are still $129.99. Ouch.

Time-sensitive Amazon Echo deal

Of course, the catch is that these online retailers will only have the Amazon Echo available at the discounted price for less a few hours longer.

It appears to be a way to lure you to their website, maybe in a hope that you'll buy something else on Bloomingdales or PC Richard & Son.

This is also the ideal time to discount the Amazon Echo price. Even if you wanted to pay the full $179.99, Amazon in the US lists it as out of stock until next week. 

Amazon's only deal on the Echo family of speakers is to discount them if you buy two of the same kind, including the new Amazon Echo Show speaker. 

Get the Amazon Echo deal here (expires at 12am)