Amazon accidentally revealed its new Echo Sub and Smart Plug ahead of launch

It was only a couple of days ago that we learnt Amazon was planning on launching eight new Alexa -powered devices this year. Now two of those have been accidentally revealed by the retail juggernaut itself.

Discovered by Pocket-lint and since taken down, the Amazon Echo Sub wireless subwoofer and a smart plug made a brief appearance, along with images and pricing, on Amazon’s UK website.

Both devices are a first for Amazon and confirms at least part of the CNBC report on the eight potential new products, which also included a microwave.

Alexa, pump those beats

The CNBC report revealed that a high-end home audio system was on the cards, which would include an amplifier, a receiver and a subwoofer. We now know that the subwoofer is called the Amazon Echo Sub that was listed for a price of £75 (about $99 / AU$135). 

Amazon Echo Sub | Image courtesy: Pocket-lint

Amazon Echo Sub | Image courtesy: Pocket-lint

According to the features list on the screenshot taken by Pocket-lint, the 6-inch connected subwoofer has Alexa built-in and adds 100W of bass to the Echo range of smart speakers, with the ability to link it to a pair of speakers for stereo sound.

Alexa, get the kettle on

The Amazon Smart Plug, however, was listed for a whopping £95 ($125 / AU$172), which puts this particular product in the ‘high-end’ category as opposed to the subwoofer. If that price is correct, it would be one of the most expensive smart plugs on the market, with nothing to indicate there’s anything special about it except adding Alexa voice control to any power socket.

Amazon Smart Plug | Image courtesy: Pocket-lint

Amazon Smart Plug | Image courtesy: Pocket-lint

The Smart Plug looks like a standard offering; users will be able to plug any ordinary gadget into it and be able to start them up, or turn them off, by a simple voice command, or use the Alexa app to set up routines. For example, you can have an ordinary lamp turn on when you’re about to head home from work and get the kettle boiling as well. 

Given the price of the Smart Plug is most definitely incorrect, we’d recommend taking the price of the subwoofer with a grain of salt as well. However, the accidental leaks revealed that the new products will be available from 11 October, so we don’t have long to go before we know for sure.

Sharmishta Sarkar
Managing Editor (APAC)

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