7 new TV shows and movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV Plus and more this weekend

New on Netflix this weekend
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Wondering what to stream on Netflix and other services this weekend? Let's rephrase that: have you finished WandaVision episode 5 already, and you're left at a loose end with stuff to add to your watch list this weekend? We can help. Every week, we round up the best – and sometimes worst, for completion's sake – in the world of streamers so you've got a slew of entertainment options to choose from.

This weekend, the best non-MCU highlight is the new movie Malcolm and Marie on Netflix, which, while filmed in lockdown, was exciting enough to the streaming service that it dropped an eight-figure sum just to release it. 

Here's what's new on Netflix and other streamers over the next few days. 

Malcolm & Marie (Netflix)

Our interest in lockdown-related content peaked with last year's Host on Shudder, but this film shot mid-pandemic has piqued our interest, too. Netflix paid an eye-watering $30 million for this movie, starring John David Washington and Zendaya as a filmmaker and his partner who return from a premiere to their home and suddenly find their relationship under enormous pressure from shock revelations. Euphoria's Sam Levinson is behind Malcolm & Marie, which is delicately filmed by Euphoria's cinematographer, Marcell Rév. Critics are mostly positive on it so far. 

Now streaming on Netflix

Possessor (Hulu)

Brandon Cronenburg's Possessor is one highlight of what's going to be a big month for Hulu in the US – February 19 also sees the release of big Oscar contender Nomadland, starring Frances McDormand. This body horror-heavy sci-fi movie drew acclaim last year, and it's now available to stream. It's about a corporate assassin who possesses the minds of everyday humans to assassinate key individuals, but this time the job goes wrong. Andrea Riseborough, Sean Bean and Jennifer Jason Leigh star in this one. 

It's available on VOD in the UK.

Now streaming on Hulu

Earwig and the Witch (HBO Max)

The phrase 'new Studio Ghibli movie' is almost always a reason to celebrate – but this CG film from the animation powerhouse sadly hasn't drawn the best responses from critics so far, with 29% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. The film is about a young woman who grew up never knowing her mother possessed magic powers, before she's plucked from an orphanage by a witch, and taught to get the most out of her powers. Gorō Miyazaki, who directed From Up on Poppy Hill and Tales from Earthsea, is behind this film.

Sadly, UK viewers will have to wait, with a release planned for Spring 2021. HBO Max subscribers can watch it now.

Now streaming on HBO Max

Bliss (Amazon Prime Video)

Director Mike Cahill, who made cult favorite indie sci-fi movie Another Earth, brings another original sci-fi flick to Amazon Prime Video this weekend. A downtrodden man (Owen Wilson) meets a homeless woman (Salma Hayek) who's convinced the real world is actually a simulation – and she might not be wrong. Critics aren't wild about this romantic brain-spinning flick, though, despite the relatively ageless nature of its two attractive leads. It sits at 40% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

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The Equalizer (CBS All Access/Pluto TV)

This year, US network CBS is using the coveted post-Super Bowl slot to launch a new version of classic vigilante show The Equalizer, starring Queen Latifah. We doubt it'll get too spicy or violent since it's a CBS show, but it's nice to see a vigilante series on US TV that doesn't involve spandex or bad CGI. After it airs, you can watch the first episode free on ad-supported network Pluto TV in the US, according to Deadline.

It's unclear when it airs in the UK, sadly.

Streaming this Sunday on Pluto TV and CBS All Access in the US

Firefly Lane (Netflix)

There's not much to write home about landing on Netflix this week other than Malcolm & Marie, but it's worth flagging this corny-looking show about the ups and downs facing two lifelong friends. Katherine Heigl (Grey's Anatomy) and Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) star in this show, which seems to pretend that Chalke's character is somehow the nerdy glasses-wearing one. 

Anyway, perhaps this is worth checking out if you're particularly aggrieved at missing your real-life friends right now.

Now streaming on Netflix

The Snoopy Show (Apple TV Plus)

This new animated series focuses on Charlie Brown's rather nice beagle and his small pal Woodstock, which apparently explores all of Snoopy's personae, from WWI fighter pilot to famous arm wrestler. What is he, immortal or something?

It's hard to tell how much The Snoopy Show will retain the existential angst of the Peanuts comics, but hey, you can find out for yourself if you've recently bought an Apple device, and have a free trial to the service. 

Now streaming on Apple TV Plus

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