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Spotify for iPhone review

It won't kill iTunes, but Spotify's iPhone app is ace

Spotify on iPhone works great over 3G, but not so well over Edge

Our Verdict

Spotify for iPhone is a super iPhone app, but it's restricted by Apple's single-tasking. And you'll need that Premium account, too!


  • App function and playback excellent
  • Offline track access a boon
  • Also available for Android


  • You'll need a Premium account
  • Patchy in poor service areas

Going mobile has been a massive push for Spotify's music-streaming service, as exclusively revealed to TechRadar earlier this year, while a US launch isn't that far off. It's not being outrageous to suggest that taking Spotify onto mobile is make or break for the company.

The Spotify app is downloadable in both Apple's App Store (and a version is also available in the Android Market).

The headline feature of Spotify for iPhone is the ability to save playlists for offline playback, and it's this which might have caused Apple most concern during the approval process (though as you'll hear, this needs Wi-Fi). It will, however, assuage the concerns of those who continue to disparage the network coverage of O2, AT&T and others.

You'll need a Spotify Premium account to use the iPhone app, which may seem draconian, but someone needs to pay for all this stuff. So that's 99p per day, £10 a month or £120 a year.

Spotify on iphone

Like the app, Spotify for iPhone also means you can listen to music over-the-air via Wi-Fi or 3G but naturally Spotify's ability to search and stream any track in its library is absolutely key. The Radio function isn't present in the Spotify iPhone app like it is on the desktop, while there's also no Play Queue or way to save previous searches.

Unlike the iPod app that can run in the background, Spotify on iPhone suffers the same problem that has - it's only single-tasking and so when you're listening to tunes, the rest of your iPhone is dead to you.

Despite the early stage of the software, the Spotify app is fast and responsive and, like the desktop software, streams tracks within seconds.

So let's get on with it. Spotify on iPhone. As soon as we logged into the app, we were presented with a list of playlists – there are three main tabs, Playlists, Search and More and we'll separate our hands-on into those three areas.


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