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Steel Series Siberia Neckband review

Our ears are in love with this wonderful gaming headset from Steelseries

It feels like your head's getting a comfy hug from a particularly loud set of ear muffs

Our Verdict

A perfect gaming headset which won't break the bank


  • Very comfortable
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Fair price
  • Superb build quality


  • Price could be a tad lower, perhaps...

My ears are in love; cocooned as they are in soft, soft foamy cloth, being lovingly caressed by the alternately booming then plinky, twinkly noises emanating from the twin speakers set at a comfortable distance away from my lugs. This is one seriously good gaming headset.

Hug for your head

The Siberia Neckband's raison d'etre is comfort, but at first glance you may think that the round-the-back band would hold your head in a vice-like grip. Luckily, this is certainly not the case as the gentle force it expends keeping the headset on your head is barely noticeable. It feels like your head's getting a comfy hug from a particularly loud set of ear muffs. And for the complicated hair brigade, and the truly vain, it won't mess up your 'do; that, in itself, has gotta be worth the £45 for the fashionista gamer.

Sensational surround sound

The sound too is excellent, with clear, crisp highs and great booming lows. The pinpoint surround sound is perfect for the gaming side and to complement the audio is the requisite microphone and an impressively designed discrete unit that can be hidden out of the way inside the left headphone.

If you're after a quality gaming headset then you'd be mad to miss out on these beauties. The sound is great, the design is excellent and the build quality superb. You'd have to work damn hard to prise these off my skull.