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Just Mobile Xstand Pro review

A great-quality stand at an insane price…

Just Mobile Xstand Pro
The Xstand Pro is a nice looking laptop stand but it comes with a hefty price tag

Our Verdict

A great quality product, but it will set you back at least double what it's worth


  • Solid aluminium
  • Nice design


  • Way too expensive

We had to double-check this one to make sure we hadn't been given the wrong price, but sure enough, Just Mobile does indeed expect you to part with eight crisp tenners for its Xstand Pro. So is it special enough to justify the cost?

Unfortunately, it isn't. It's a decent stand, built from high-quality brushed aluminium with a big 'X' shape to remind you you're on a Mac.

It offers a choice of two supporting posts to raise your laptop to the height you prefer, with the higher position ideal for use with an external keyboard and the lower operating as a 'raiser' to position your MacBook more ergonomically when used on a desk. Even so, there's nothing here to justify the price.

If you're too flush to worry about cost, Xstand Pro will appeal. Its score reflects poor value for money, not a weak product. It beats us why a laptop stand should cost £80.