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BT and TalkTalk not allowed to appeal Digital Economy Act decision

Appeal not allowed
Appeal not allowed

A judge has decided to rule against giving BT and TalkTalk permission to appeal the controversial Digital Economy Act.

The Digital Economy Act was rushed through in the wash-up, the period that allowed the outgoing government to pass resolutions ahead of parliament's dissolution.

Despite the controversy over the Act – which Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt has already indicated should be revisited – Judge Sir Richard Buxton will not allow the legislation to be challenged again after an original attempt by BT and TalkTalk failed.

Letters be having you

The two ISPs are angry that the Act was not given sufficient parliamentary scrutiny when it was rushed through, but the latest decision would appear to have ended any chance of getting the Act overturned.

ISPs will now be expected to participate as the government sends out thousands of letters to people who have allegedly illegally downloaded copyrighted content.

The internet providers are expecting a bill in the region of £6 million as they foot the cost of telling off their own customers for their alleged offences.

Via Guardian