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Price cuts for older Asus Eees

Cheaper Eees?
Cheaper Eees?

Asustek’s CEO has told the WiMax Expo that the arrival of the forthcoming Eee PC 901 will prompt price cuts for the older versions.

With the new Intel Atom at its heart, the newest incarnation of the Eee sub-notebook is likely to be a big seller, but there are still plenty of stockpiled Eee 900s – which only arrived in April.

The launch price of the Eee PC 900 was £330, with the popular 701 weighing in at a shade over £200, but Asustek is yet to confirm what level of price drop can be expected.


The Eee PC 701 has been a rare find in recent weeks, but the 900 has a lot of the features that makes the 901 quite so anticipated, including the bigger screen that allows 1024x600 resolution and the bigger hard-drives.

The Atom processor should make the 901 more efficient in terms of battery use, but only time will tell if the heftier price tag will push people towards the 900.