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Asus Eee PC 901 seen in wild

Eee've been replaced
Eee've been replaced

Although it won’t officially be released until Computex, Asustek has shown off its Eee PC 901 at the WiMax Expo.

The 8.9 inch screened machine, which can have either Windows Xp or Linux as its OS, will come with either a 20GB (Linux) or 12GB (Windows) solid-state drive (SSD) and will indeed sport the new Intel Atom processor.

Any colour, as long as it's white or black

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will come as standard, but a WiMax version will be available, while the ever-important colour choice will be all or nothing (white or black).

The Atom processor is not being officially unveiled until Tuesday, but its presence in the new version of the Eee will come as no shock, as it was confirmed on TechRadar back in April.

UK pricings and release dates are not yet available, but expect an update the moment that they are announced.