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Canon announces new beginner to pro camcorder line-up

The HF R28 is one of Canon's newest HD camcorders
The HF R28 is one of Canon's newest HD camcorders

Not content with the slew of digital cameras announced today, Canon has also released details of its latest camcorder line-up at CES.

The 10 new camcorders from Canon cover the whole video-shooting spectrum, from standard def right through to professional-quality capture.

Entry level camcorders in the Legria R-series will enjoy new HD-shooting models for the first time movie maker, specifically the Legria HF R28, R26 and R206 models.

New models in the Legria M-Series, the HF M41, HF M46 and HF M406, all feature the professional-standard HD CMOS Pro Sensor for hearty low-light shooting and wide dynamic range.

Let's not forget standard def

It's not all about HD though, with the Canon Legria FS400 featuring as Canon's smallest ever standard-definition camcorder, while the Legria FS46 and FS406 also pose as affordable options for standard-def video capture.

The expert-grade Canon XA10 is also highly compact, offering full manual control and professional audio features.

The new camcorders join the top-end flagship Legria HF G10 on the shelves at some point this year; unfortunately neither the UK release date nor UK pricing have been revealed as yet.

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