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Vodafone ready to offer Android 2.2 for Nexus One

Nexus One getting Vodafone upgrade
Nexus One getting Vodafone upgrade

Vodafone has announced it will be pushing out the Android 2.2 update for its Nexus One handsets.

Owners of the Google-branded handset have been waiting (some more patiently than others) for the update that those who bought the phone directly from the search giant have received.

However, Vodafone has confirmed that the update is imminent according to Android Central:

"We can confirm that Google will start to roll out the latest Android software version (2.2) for Vodafone Nexus One users over the course of the next week as an over-the-air update."


"The roll out will be phased and will be available to all Vodafone customers who have purchased the handset from us."

Amazon MP3 marketplace and Google Goggles have been removed from the Vodafone-branded ROM, but will still be available to download from the Android Marketplace.

Also, Vodafone is apparently warning that the ROM comes with open wireless functionality, meaning that users will need to disable their Nexus One acting as a Wi-Fi hotspot, or others will be able to steal their data.