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Vodafone nabs 'exclusive' on Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 coming to Vodafone in lime green
The Nokia N8 coming to Vodafone in lime green

Vodafone has confirmed it will be getting the Nokia N8 on an exclusive deal - for a specific colour variant.

Vodafone customers will be the only ones able to get the phone in lime green - although we've not heard word of anyone bagging it in other colour exclusives, although we assume the orange version is a shoo-in for one network.

It's not as exciting as finding out the Nokia N8 is going to come with a secret keyboard or anything, but given we're still waiting for a definitive UK release date, this will have to do.

When September ends?

The Nokia N8 is still strongly tipped to be released in Q3, which means it will have to be September if Nokia is going to make that date.

But given we first heard about this phone at the start of the year, it's still a long time to be waiting, despite the 12MP camera and Dolby Digital power under the hood.

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