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Baltimore is first US city with full WiMAX

Nokia 810 WiMAX internet tablet is coming soon
Nokia 810 WiMAX internet tablet is coming soon

Sprint fired another shot in the mobile broadband format war today, with the launch of the first city-wide WiMAX service in the USA in Baltimore.

Residents of the largest city in Maryland will have access to a 2-4Mbps download link, courtesy of Sprint's XOHM business unit.

Prices start at $10 (£5.60) for a one-day pass, $25 (£14) for monthly home service, $30 (£17) for mobile connection and $50 (£28) for access through two device, at home and mobile.

Of course, you'll also need a WiMAX-capable device: XOHM is kindly selling mobile cards for $60 (£34) and home modems for $80 (£45).

Next stop, Washington DC!

XOHM's WiMAX system uses the 2.5GHz spectrum and should be rolled out in the rather larger cities of Chicago and Washington DC over the new few months.

The company is billing its WiMAX as a '4G' service, which is somewhat difficult to swallow given its modest download speeds and the problems that have been reported by Engadget in using Reno's modest WiMAX service in a car or train.

We're expecting to see a WiMAX version of Nokia's 810 Internet Tablet, and also Intel notebooks with built-in WiMAX to emerge later this year.