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China to open mobile networks

China mast
China's mobile networks could soon get a boost

That big country in the middle of Asia (China to you and me) is restructuring the way it runs its telecoms network in order to open up the market to new technology and operators.

Currently China Mobile is the biggest provider, holding around 70% of subscriptions, and is rapidly extending into more rural areas in a bid to boost its customer numbers.

However, moves are afoot to restructure the state-owned sector, which will likely spark a series of mergers and asset swaps, according to the BBC website.

Opening the 3G highway

The move will help reduce the number of struggling competing firms in both the mobile and fixed line industries, and should help to improve competition.

The mergers and asset swaps will begin as soon as possible, allowing the country to begin selling lucrative 3G licenses to enable the country to connect to the new high-speed mobile networks.

China currently has over 520 million mobile users, making it the largest user base in the world.