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Retina display shortage to delay iPad 3?

iPad 3 - 2011 launch unlikely
iPad 3 - 2011 launch unlikely

Apple is set to delay the launch of the iPad 3, due to a shortage of retina displays from its suppliers LG and Samsung.

This is according to Digitimes, which believed that a lack of displays will mean that Apple won't ship a new iPad in 2011, even though the company was looking to get one out before Christmas – with around 6 million iPad 3's originally ordered for production in Q4 of 2011.

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It is not just a lack of screens that's a potential stumbling block for the new iPad. The new A6 chip is also not going to be ready until 2012, with its makers TSMC demoing the chip – which is based on a 28nm process – at the moment.

If Apple was set to release the iPad 3 before the end of the year was out then it would significantly change how it has approached the tablet market so far.

The iPad 2 came out a year after its successor, with enough changes to warrant a purchase but it was no massive overhaul.

Now, if Digitimes is correct, the iPad 3 will follow the same yearly pattern.

Digitimes is hit and miss when it comes to reporting on Apple component woes, but with the A6 still in demo stage, we are going to say that the rumour of no iPad 3 release for 2011 is pretty high.

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