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YouTube to stream astronaut interview live from space

You can't escape YouTube, even up here
You can't escape YouTube, even up here

YouTube is set to broadcast a live interview with the crew of the imminent Endeavour space mission once the astronauts are up in space.

In a live stream which will be at least 73 per cent more interesting than that of the Royal Wedding, YouTube will finally conquer the final frontier with STS-134 operation, the Space Shuttle Endeavour's final flight.

The Google-owned site is also calling for everyday YouTubers to submit video questions for the intrepid space men, encouraging wacky outfits, unlikely props and, probably, minimal nudity.

Popularity contest

The submitted video with the most votes will be used in the interview, which takes place on 2 May on the PBS News Hour channel – assuming the shuttle successfully blasts off and encounters no major delays, of course.

YouTube has wholeheartedly embraced live streaming of late, having granted certain 'trusted partners' the ability to broadcast live via the video sharing site.

It's also looking to increase the amount of live sports broadcasts and looking into movie rental and streaming in a bid to keep users on the YouTube site for longer and pleasing advertisers along the way.

Via Mashable