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YouTube still towering over iPlayer

YouTube still dominant
YouTube still dominant

The iPlayer may be the media player that is getting the most amount of attention at the moment in the UK, but it remains well behind traditional video service YouTube, according to the latest comScore figures.

YouTube's dominance of the market is clear, with a staggering 48 per cent share. This amounts to 1.68 billion views, with the BBC a distant second on just 1.2 per cent.

The iPlayer is making a significant impact, however, with an increase of more than 10 million views since the launch of the service last year.

Burgeoning market

Fox and MySpace (0.9 per cent), MSN (0.7 per cent) and Yahoo (0.6 per cent) make up the rest of the UK's top five – in statistics that show just how spread out the British video market is.

Even with all the big players taken out, close to half of the video streams from the UK are spread among other video sites, in what is quite clearly a burgeoning market.