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YouTube set to share the revenue love

YouTube - giving money to the money makers
YouTube - giving money to the money makers

YouTube is to begin a new scheme which sees the website sharing some of the profits it receives for user-generated videos that become popular.

This is a change in direction for YouTube, which currently only shares profit with the owners of copyrighted material.

The new scheme will mean that if a video does become insanely popular – ie, the ones where people fall over or speak with a funny voice – then the owner of the video will have the opportunity to become advertising partners.

Popularity contest

"These individual video partnerships recognise the role popular 'one-off' videos play on YouTube, and have helped many people earn thousands of dollars a month as their videos went viral and endured over time," said YouTube product manager Shenaz Zack said in a blog post.

"We're excited to see how individual video partnerships will help even more people make money from their success on YouTube."

So far the scheme is said to be only available in the US at the moment, but an international version of the scheme is on the cards.