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Viacom officially appeals YouTube court verdict

YouTube - heading back to court
YouTube - heading back to court

Viacom's battle with YouTube over copyrighted content continues, with the media company appealing the court's decision not to award damages over copyright content.

In what has been one of the biggest court battles the web has seen, Viacom sued Google, the owners of YouTube, back in 2007 saying that the site knew it was hosting unauthorised content from the likes of MTV and Comedy Central but was doing little to take the videos down.

The court case lasted three years, only for judges to side with Google and not give Viacom any of the $1.2 billion damages it was seeking.

Copyright conundrums

Now Viacom has officially appealed this decision, although no date is yet set for a hearing on the appeal.

It comes as no surprise that Viacom has decided to have another stab at taking YouTube through the courts.

In a statement back in July when it lost the case Viacom said: "We are disappointed with the judge's ruling, but confident we will win on appeal.

"It is and should be illegal for companies to build their businesses with creative material they have stolen from others."

That sound you are hearing is the bell for round two.

Via AfterDawn