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Double your broadband speed with the BT I-Plate

BT I-Plate
Improve your broadband speed in seconds by fitting the I-Plate

Have you been suffering from painfully slow broadband speeds? Are you a long way from the exchange? Or do you just want to squeeze every bit of speed out of your connection? Whichever boat you're in, a new gadget has launched which could drastically improve your broadband connection speed.

The BT I-Plate is a phone socket which is designed to replace the standard phone line master socket that most of us already have in our homes. It works by filtering out electrical interference in your house - interference primarily caused by your TVs, lights, home wiring and the like.

In the average home, this kind of interference will slow down broadband speed and affect the stability of the connection. But by fitting an I-Plate to the master socket, in most cases, customers should experience some broadband performance benefits.

We've reviewed the BT I-Plate and we're pleased to report that yes, it really does work extremely well. So if you're struggling for speed, this £12 socket could be the biggest bargain of the year.

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