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BT connects 15 million UK homes to broadband

Broadband - sweeping the country
Broadband - sweeping the country

BT has announced that it has passed a major landmark in broadband, with 15 million homes and small businesses signing up to the service.

According to BT, the milestone was reached in late August, with more than five million connections through BT Retail and the rest via other companies.

BT points out that this, in conjunction with the other major network Virgin Media, brings the total number of homes in the UK on broadband connections up past the 19 million mark.

That's more than the US, France and Germany in terms of broadband as a percentage of households, according to BT's calculations.

Success story

Olivia Garfield, BT strategy director said: "Broadband Britain has been a success story with widespread availability, low prices and high take up.

"People were sceptical when BT backed broadband in 2002 but the figures speak for themselves with the vast majority of new customers choosing broadband over BT's network rather than alternative ones where prices are far higher.

"The story doesn't end here as BT is now investing a further £2.5 billion to roll out fibre broadband to two thirds of the UK.

"This will help the UK climb the league tables for speeds, one of the few areas in which we don't lead the world."