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New iPhone app lets you become Mario


Have you ever felt like pretending to be Mario while walking along a tube platform or wandering down the aisles at Tesco or while doing some other mundane everyday task?

Of course you have!

If, like us, you would rather turn your everyday life into a fantastic pretend Nintendo platformer, then iRwego - the latest Ninty-related iPhone app approved by Apple – lets you do just that.

Soundtrack your life

The app basically soundtracks your entire life as if it were a Mario platformer, replete with woo-hoos and pings and bings and more.

The accelerometer on your iPhone will register when you jump. And then your phone will play a Mario sound-effect. Simple and genius.

However, we are not sure how long Nintendo will allow the app to make money on Apple's App Store. So buy it quick!

Oki doki? Head over to iRwego now for more.