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Asus 160GB Ebox launches next week

Asus' Ebox desktop - with a nod to Nintendo's Wii
Asus' Ebox desktop - with a nod to Nintendo's Wii

It’s hard to fault Asus’ Eee PC, so we are thrilled to hear that the desktop version, the Asus Ebox, gets an official launch at Computex in Taipei next week (3rd June).

Asus has confirmed with TechRadar today that the machine will feature a 160GB hard drive and 2GB of RAM, following the first news of the machine (with pictures of the Nintendo-inspired design) emerging last week.

Available soon

No official word on pricing and availability as yet, other than confirmation from Asus that it would be available ‘through all the usual channels at some point in Q3 this year’ – so that makes it September at the latest then.

Three to four months is not too long to wait, if you are in the market for a dinky desktop. More on the Ebox as and when we get it.