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ASUS scoops Computex awards

Asus' scoops Computex awards
Asus' scoops Computex awards

Asus has scooped up a host of awards at Computex this week for a range of products including the Asus LCD TV and Monitor, PDA Phone, Server, Gaming PC, WiMAX Dongle and Wireless Router – all which picked up Best Choice Awards for Astounding Innovation and Design

Over 240 companies and 550 products competed in the competition, in which Asus has once again emerged top with the most awards won this year with 6 award winners.

Strong Taiwanese brand

The six winning products were Asus’ MK241H LCD monitor, ASUS-Lamborghini ZX1 PDA phone, 42RW1 LCD TV, RS160-E5 Server, ARES CG6150 Gaming PC and their WUSB25E2V2 External WiMAX Dongle.

The competition was divided into 20 product categories, including WLAN communications, Personal Entertainment, Data Storage, Green IT, Product Design - Innovation Idea Design, and so on.

“The abundance of Japan's G-Mark, Germany's iF, reddot design, Taiwan Excellence; and now Computex's Best Choice Awards that have been conferred to ASUS reiterates ASUS' commitment towards top notch design and aesthetics, as well as boost ASUS' drive to propel a strong Taiwanese brand presence worldwide,” Asus in a statement released following the awards.