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B&O goes green with new headphone and speaker collection

B&O has announced a new set of colors in its “Spring/Summer” headphone and Bluetooth speaker range. If you like teal, you’re in for a treat. 

There may be no brand new products in B&O’s Spring/Summer collection, but we do get some lovely shades of some existing top performers. Presumably picked by someone who wears very expensive shoes. The colors are inspired by the "ocean".

The B&O BeoPlay H4 wireless headphones are available in Aloe and Steel Blue, which are a soft pastel green and a dark turquoise. This adds to the current roster of black, purple, light grey, charcoal grey and tangerine. 

This pair costs $299 (£249). 

Fancy a speaker instead?

The other new additions are speakers. 

B&O’s excellent BeoPlay P2 is now available in teal, alongside the usual sandstone, black and blue. This pocket-friendly speaker costs $199 (£149).

Finally, the dinky BeoPlay A1 comes in the same Aloe and Steel Blue shades as the BeoPlay H4 headphones. 

The BeoPlay A1 costs $249 (£229).

These colors are part of a “limited edition” series. Don’t take too long deciding which color you like most or a design consultant in expensive shoes might decide these shades aren’t cool enough anymore.