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Australian VR sales booming with more than 200,000 headsets sold in 2016

According to market studies by Australian tech research group Telstyle, around 216,000 VR headsets were sold in Australia through the calendar year of 2016, with around 70 percent of these sales being attributed to mobile VR.

However, despite mobile VR headset sales dominating when it comes to the number of units shifted, Sony’s PlayStation VR took home a healthy portion of the revenue, with almost 50% of all real-life dosh falling into its virtual pockets.

From this study, Telstyle’s analysts are predicting that “VR penetration will reach 25.5 percent of households by 2021”, with the key driving influences being adoption by AAA games, such as the recently released Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, as well as the emergence of a clear dominating force in the field in order to sway more households decision on virtual reality in general.

This represents something of a “chicken and egg scenario”, managing director of Telstyle, Foad Fadaghi describes, “Developers are looking for a growing base of users before making large investments, at the same time mainstream technology buyers are waiting for killer VR content or applications”.