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Award-winning £100 speaker hits UK

The B1 standmount has been awarded "Budget product of the year"

For just £100 you too can get your hands on a pair of award-winning Alpha B1 speakers from Canadian giant PSB. The brand's UK distributor, Armour Home Electronics, will be making the compact standmount available through a growing number of PSB dealers in the UK.

Stereophile winner

The B1 standmount has been awarded "Budget product of the year" in a recent issue of US hi-fi magazine Stereophile. PSB's founder and chief designer Paul Barton said, "Not only do these budget loudspeakers fill the room, they offer tremendous definition and musical accuracy for speakers this size."

The compact two-way standmount speaker is built from MDF and has a shaped profile, which is said to reduce unwanted sonic diffractions. It is equipped with a new 25mm aluminium tweeter that PSB claims extends beyond 21kHz and gives the speaker, "a distinct smoothness through the audible 20 kHz range".

The newcomer also benefits from a redesigned bass driver featuring a deeper basket profile and a stiff composite chassis, which should aid a deep bass response. Alpha B1s are available in two wood-grain finishes: Maple with light grey grilles and Black Ash with black grilles.