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Are iPhone 12 Mini deals set to be the best cheap Apple phone in 2020?

iPhone 12 deals
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It's a universal fact that Apple is by no means an affordable brand. Repeatedly clashing horns with Samsung to see who can raise phone prices higher, the iconic American brand has often come out on top.

However, 2020 seems to be showing Apple have a change of heart (or a change of marketing plans). This year alone, Apple has put in the work to release not one, but two affordable phones.

And when we say affordable, we use that term very loosely with one of those handsets. While the iPhone SE is a truly affordable phone, offering a device with a high-end processor for just $399/£419, Apple's other 'affordable' 2020 handset starts at $699/£699.

This device is none other than Apple's new iPhone 12 Mini. As one of the four featured iPhone 12 devices, the Mini really commits to its name at just 5.4-inches in size...but is this pocket-sized device actually good value for your money...? We would argue, yes.

Cut down the price with iPhone 12 Mini deals:

While the Mini is yet to be made available, with pre-orders launching on Friday, November 6, the incredibly obvious assumption is that it will be a fair bit cheaper than iPhone 12 deals.

And yet, despite the £100/$100 disparity in price, the iPhone 12 Mini and regular 12 have all of the most crucial specs in common. Both feature Apple's latest A14 Bionic chip, both make use of the new MagSafe feature, both use Dolby HDR camera features and both are 5G-enabled.

In fact, the iPhone 12 Mini in all of its tiny glory, is the smallest 5G device around right now. What this all adds up to is the fact that unless a 5.4-inch device is going to feel far too tiny in your hands, the iPhone 12 Mini is the best value of the two cheaper iPhone 12 handsets. 

And in the red corner...iPhone 11 deals:

We said right at the start that Apple had two more affordable phones in 2020 and we haven't forgotten about that. The iPhone SE, while by no means revolutionary in its looks (iPhone 8, anyone?) is Apple's cheapest handset.

And yet, it lacks the excitement of the iPhone 12 Mini. It sticks with 4G, it's not exactly winning awards for battery, the screen uses old tech and the design is very much borrowing from older devices.

Obviously for those on a budget, the iPhone SE is perfect but for those who want something a bit newer and interesting, it lacks enough intrigue and future-proofing to keep you going for years.

So the iPhone 12 Mini wins, right? Well, time for a curveball! The iPhone 11 saw a very considerable price cut thanks to the iPhone 12 launch and when you consider all of the factors...iPhone 11 deals actually look like the best cheap iPhone in 2020. 

Our Deputy Editor John Mccann said it best in his comparison of the iPhone 12 and 11 - "it's all too easy to be seduced by shiny new things". 5G isn't making waves yet and other than Apple's new Magsafe feature...the iPhone 12 range doesn't make huge changes over the iPhone 11.

Holding off until Black Friday to buy:

The iPhone 12 Mini isn't actually available until November 14 and just two weeks after that is Black Friday. With this in mind, we would suggest holding off for Black Friday iPhone deals to see if you can score a discount.

While there is no way to guarantee we will see iPhone 12 deals across Black Friday, especially considering the incredibly quick turn around, iPhone 11 deals and iPhone SE deals are almost certain.

If any of the three cheap iPhones appeal to you or for that fact, any mobile phone deals in general, holding out for Black Friday could see you receive a hefty discount.

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