My friend always forgets her keys - this smart lock deal on Amazon saved her time and money

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Are you spending your New Year's Eve scouring the internet for excellent post-Christmas deals? Well, if you're the type to lose your keys or lock yourself out, this Amazon deal on an already affordable smart lock is a must-grab.

One of my good friends and neighbor always locks herself out. She had probably called me more than five times in the past year, asking if I was home so I could give her the spare key she keeps in my apartment because she'd forgotten to bring her keys with her. 

So, while I was happy to keep assisting her with her chronic forgetfulness, I recommended that she invest in one of the best smart locks instead. After all, she never forgets her phone, and the beauty of smart locks is that you can unlock them with an app.

She was on a budget though so I recommended a more affordable option - the Wyze WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled Smart Door Lock, one of the most affordable but reliable options on the market. And since she's gotten it, she hasn't called me for her spare key.

If you've been having the same sort of luck with your keys, I would recommend checking it out, especially since it's 35% off on Amazon for a last-hurrah deal before 2024.

Wyze Smart Door Lock: 129.98now$83.99 at Amazon
35% off

Wyze Smart Door Lock: was 129.98 now $83.99 at Amazon
35% off
- Wyze may not be as popular as August, Level, or Schlage, but this smart home brand offers affordable smart home devices that are reliable, if a little more basic on features. That's what you can expect with this smart door lock, which is incredibly easy to setup and can be set to automatically unlock as you approach, helping a great deal when you're juggling groceries or are in a rush. It also fits with most existing deadbolts so you don't need to have it installed professionally. Right now, as a NYE treat, it's even cheaper with this 35% discount.

Even if you're not prone to losing your keys, investing in a smart lock is a terrific idea, especially if you're hoping to expand your smart home ecosystem in 2024. Among the best smart home devices to have, these not only save you time and money but can also make your life a lot more convenient. 

Many smart locks, for example, let you create digital keys for family, friends and guests, so they too can have access to your home without the need for a physical key. Smart locks also work with other smart home devices so that you can do things like set an alarm if someone accesses your door in the middle of the night, potentially saving your life.

My favorite part about that is that they will lock automatically so even when I forget to do so, I have that peace of mind knowing that my door is secure.

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