5 instant cameras at instantly great prices this Black Friday

Instant Cameras Deal Savings
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Whether for party snaps or a creative project, instant cameras make it easy to sample the nostalgia of analog photography, letting you shoot and develop charming prints in minutes, and these Black Friday deals make it possible to get great instant cameras from Polaroid, Fujifilm and Canon with significant discounts.

From basic toy models to smarter hybrid options that connect to your smartphone, we've picked out five of the best deals on instant cameras at the moment - perfect timing for snapping up that camera for capturing memories at Christmas. 

You can be sure we’ve tested all of the top instant cameras and ranked our favorites in our best instant camera guide. There's also the most up-to-date deals on all cameras in our Black Friday camera deals 2023 guide. Happy snapping!

Instant camera deals this Black Friday

Polaroid Now+ Instant Camera
US: $149.99$101.38 at Amazon
UK: £139.99 £107.06 at Amazon

Polaroid Now+ Instant Camera
was $149.99 now $101.38 at Amazon
was £139.99 now £107.06 at Amazon
Get this incredible Polaroid camera for 2/3 the retail price in the UK and US. Our four-star Polaroid Now+ review says this point-and-shoot instant camera "injects a whole realm of creative possibilities via its revamped app and creative filters". This deal is for the black version of the Polaroid Now+ although in the UK its roughly the same price for the blue and white versions. If you're in the US and fixed on either of those colors, it'll cost you extra. 

Canon Ivy Cliq+ 2 / Canon Zoemini S
US: $129.99 $99.99 at Amazon
UK£149.99£129 at Amazon

Canon Ivy Cliq+ 2 / Canon Zoemini S
was $129.99 now $99.99 at Amazon
: was £149.99 now £129 at Amazon
Not as discounted as the Polaroid Now+ but still a great deal. Canon’s instant hybrid camera uses Zink paper to achieve a slim build, while a built-in ring flash is perfect for party portraits. The Ivy Cliq+ / Zoemini S is truly pocket-sized, beating even Fuji's Instax Mini LiPlay for portability. 

Fujifilm Instax SQ40:US: $149,99 $139.99 at Amazon£139.99£119 at Amazon

Fujifilm Instax SQ40:
US: was $149,99 now $139.99 at Amazon
UK: was £139.99 now £119 at Amazon
Shoppers in the UK can enjoy the lowest price for the SQ40 that was only released this year. I our review we described it as, "old-school design meets square-format film to hit an Instax sweet spot". It's 62 x 62mm square prints are exactly the desaturated, vintage vibes you’d expect from a retro camera. It is slightly on the pricey end, but the SQ40 is a fantastic party camera that almost anyone can use.

Instax Link Wide Printer
US: $149,95$98.99 at Amazon
UK: £139.99 £94 at Amazon

Instax Link Wide Printer
was $149,95 now $98.99 at Amazon
was £139.99 now £94 at Amazon
Dropping below $100 / £100, the Instax Link Wide camera is entirely controlled by a smartphone companion app, letting you edit, crop and customize your pictures before printing, and has a built-in battery that's good enough for up to 100 prints between charges. You'll need to buy paper separately. 

Instax SQUARE SQ1 Instant Camera
US: $119.99 $107 at Amazon
UK: £119.99£94 at Amazon

Instax SQUARE SQ1 Instant Camera
was $119.99 now $107 at Amazon
was £119.99 now £94 at Amazon
One model in a line of Fujifilm Instax Square instant cameras that print onto the perfectly-sized Instax Square film, the well-built and easy-to-use SQ1 is available for the cut price of £94 in the UK or $107 in the US, although the price varies depending on which color you choose. If you don't mind which color you get, it's worth checking the various versions to see which one is on the best deal.  

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