Oura Ring gets an AI-powered wellness advisor to help make sense of your health data

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Oura is once again expanding the features of its wellness smart ring, and this time, as with countless other devices, it's using the power of AI. The announcement also comes a day before Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event, at which the Samsung Galaxy Ring and a new set of features under the Galaxy AI umbrella are expected to be unveiled. 

Dubbed Oura Advisor, the new AI assistant will provide wellness tips, answer questions or analyze data, and is designed to complement the current Oura Ring experience. This is not a full rollout, but rather a new experimental feature that users can opt-in for within Oura Labs. 

Oura’s app already does an excellent job of providing context around your data. For instance, when you wake up in the morning you get a readiness score with some recommendations, like telling you to take it easy, or that you’re ready for a jam-packed day. However, the brand describes Oura Advisor as a “personal wellness coach” that can provide more context and better recommend or unpack specific details.

Much like ChatGPT, Oura Advisor is a chatbot with which you’ll have a conversation if you opt-in and are currently subscribed to an Oura membership. During the setup process you’ll choose from three styles – supportive, mentoring, or goal-oriented –and choose how often you get notifications. 

Oura Ring adds an AI-powered Advisor

(Image credit: Oura)

Given that Oura Advisor is entirely opt-in and technically in beta, you should be aware that if you opt-in Oura will analyze your data to provide personalized recommendations. You can also take it a step further with a feature that Oura calls Memory – essentially, you can share more information, for example if you’re recovering from surgery or being treated for a muscle strain, and Advisor will take this into account. You can also remove items from Memory and opt out of Advisor at any time.

We’re eager to go hands-on with Oura Advisor, and if you're interested you can set it up as soon as the beta begins to roll out within Oura Labs. Oura is also delivering its quarterly Made for Members expanded feature set.

Discoveries for iPhone users will provide more context around specific patterns that impact your health and wellness. Cardiovascular Age & Cardio Capacity – a feature already found on other smartwatches – will be rolled out to both Android or iOS apps for members.

Out of all this news, Oura Advisor looks like the most interesting and potentially the most impactful. We’re keen to test it out, and see what types of recommendations it will provide and what tone it adopts.

Oura is likely trying to get ahead of Samsung’s rumored Galaxy Ring launch, which will happen at the July 10 Galaxy Unpacked event. In the meantime, if you already have an Oura Ring and are a member, keep an eye out for Advisor to appear in the Oura Labs section of the app.

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