What is Amazon's Haul Away and Unpack service? We explain

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Thinking of buying a new mattress? Many of the best mattress brands now sell via Amazon, making it a convenient place to find your new bed. Before you can buy, you might need to pick your delivery service – but what is Amazon Haul Away and Unpack?

Haul Away and Unpack is a premium delivery service from Amazon. It's available for a wide range of home goods, including mattresses, and involves delivering and installing your item to a chosen location. If you pay for Haul Away and Unpack, Amazon will also remove your old mattress and dispose of it appropriately (which is useful, because figuring out how to dispose of an old mattress isn't always straightforward). 

Many of the best mattresses on Amazon come with a Haul Away and Unpack option, although it isn't available for every bed (or every location). It is a premium service – so expect to pay extra for it – but it's also one of the easiest ways to get your bed set up. Read on to discover everything you need to know about Amazon's Haul Away and Unpack service.

What is Haul Away and Unpack on Amazon?

Haul Away and Unpack is a white glove delivery service for mattresses offered by Amazon. When you select Haul Away and Unpack, expert Amazon service providers will deliver the mattress to a room of your choice, check it for defects, set it up in your chosen location, and remove and dispose of your old mattress. This is a premium service and it's priced on an individual basis. If you want to know how much you'll be spending, you need to add the mattress to your cart.

Nectar mattress

Haul Away and Unpack is often available for the Nectar Memory Foam mattress (Image credit: Nectar)

This service is only offered in select areas, and it can be hit or miss whether it's available for the mattress you want. Look for the Haul Away and Unpack symbol on the listing page for each product: it's an illustrated icon of a cog and a screwdriver.

If you're considering the Haul Away and Unpack service, here are a few details you may need to know:

  • An adult must be present during the appointment
  • The provider will not move any additional furniture during the process
  • The provider will place the mattress in the 'desired location' of your choice
  • The provider will inspect the new mattress for any damage of defects
  • When the mattress is set up, the provider will remove the packaging...
  • ...but you can keep any packaging, if you ask
  • The provider will also remove your box spring
  • You will be given a delivery slot, so you know when to be at home

If you opt not to pay for the Haul Away and Unpack service – or it isn't available in your area – that doesn't mean you're simply stuck with your old mattress. There are other ways to recycle a mattress, and if your bed is still in good condition, you might even be able to donate it. 

Will Amazon remove my old mattress?

Amazon will remove your old mattress when delivering a new one, provided you choose the Amazon Haul Away and Unpack premium delivery service. When you choose standard delivery, Amazon will not remove your old mattress.

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How much does Haul Away and Unpack cost?

The haul away and unpack service is priced on an individual basis, with the cost determined by the professional service provider in charge of the delivery. When ordering, customers will be given an estimate for how much the service will cost. Amazon claims that for nine out of 10 customers, the estimate is the same as the final price. You can review the estimate with your provider before committing to the service.

Amazon does also note that additional charges may be applied depending on the condition and the size of mattress being taken away. This is likely to be added on the day, when the provider is able to see the mattress they are required to remove.

There's limited information available regarding pricing – you'll have to wait until the mattress is in your cart before you get an idea of how much you'll be paying. This is a little frustrating, especially as sleep brands are typically upfront about their pricing costs.

Does Amazon offer mattress returns?

Amazon does offer mattress returns, but the system can be a little complicated. It depends on whether your mattress was purchased directly from Amazon or from a third-party retailer, and whether you've taken the mattress out of the box. For the most part, if you bought a mattress via Amazon, you should have at least 30 days to return it for a refund (assuming it hasn't been damaged).

Our complete guide to how to return a mattress to Amazon has a full rundown of the Amazon returns process. We do typically recommend buying directly from the retailer, as they tend to offer better mattress trial periods. And many retailers do now offer old mattress removal, although, as with Amazon, expect to pay a premium for the service.

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