This unmissable Casper price-drop is hands-down the best Prime Day mattress deal

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As TechRadar's Sleep Editor, I've ben keeping a keen eye on the Prime Day deals to see if there are any decent offers on sleep products. This offer for up to 36% off the Casper Original mattress stood out as one well worth investigating. (Update: we've tested this mattress now and we actually weren't hugely impressed – find out more in our Casper Original mattress review.)

Casper is one of the best mattress brands around – far better than most of the best mattresses on Amazon – and this is a major discount. When checking this deal out, I did what I always recommend people do, and double-checked the brand's own site to see if there was a deal on there. The official Casper mattress sale knocks 15% off the Original, but while I was lurking on the website, I got a popup offering me 25% off if I signed up to the newsletter.

At time of writing, the Prime Day offer gets you less that 25% off the twin XL, full, queen and king. So provided the Casper code works on those mattresses, you're better off buying direct from Casper on those sizes. I usually recommend that anyway, because apart from not having to sign up for a Prime account (which you will have to do to unlock those Prime Day deals), things like the sleep trial and warranty are much more straightforward if you go direct through the brand. 

However, the twin and Cal king have 36% and 27% off respectively, which is worth going via Amazon for. Remember, you can cancel your Prime subscription before the free trial expires if it doesn't suit you. Let's take a closer look at the deal...

Casper Original Foam mattress

Casper Original Foam mattress

Was from $895 now from $574 at Amazon for Prime subscribers

Overview: The Casper Original mattress stands at 10 inches tall, with a layered foam build and soft knit cover. The upper levels are made with joint-cradling memory foam, and there's a firmer, bouncier foam beneath. This mattress has a medium-firm sleep feel, which means it will suit a wide range of sleep positions and body types. 

Price history: The biggest discount I've recorded this year so far at Casper is 20% off, which appears over national holidays. However, it's not quite the cheapest we've seen it on all sizes – during the previous Prime Day event in the summer, Amazon knocked 30% off for Prime subscribers, which meant a queen size cost $906 (cheaper than the current price of $1,036). However, it's rare to see these low prices. 

Where to buy: If you're buying any size other than the twin and Cal king, it's worth heading to Casper and waiting to see if a 'get 25% off' popup appears. This would get you a bigger discount than the Prime Day sale.

Extras: If you buy via Amazon rather than straight from Casper, be prepared for the extras to be a little more complicated. Officially, you'll get the same 100-night trial, but double-check exactly how that works, as you may well have to jump through some hoops to activate it. The mattress is eligible for return (and either refund or replacement) within 100 days of receipt, provided you don't unpack it. Amazon offers free regular delivery, as well as the option to upgrade to include haul away and unpacking. The warranty via Amazon is unclear, though.

Buy it if...

You want a good all-rounder: The Casper Original's medium-firm feel should work for any position, keeping most people happy whether they like to lie on their back, side or stomach. The slow-moving feel of classic memory foam can be off-putting to those who aren't used to it, but the Casper adds a layer of bouncier foam, which should make this more responsive and easier to get used to for memory foam newbies.

You share a bed with a restless sleeper: Today's best memory foam mattresses are known for doing a great job of absorbing movements on their surface. That's great news if you share a bed with a wriggler, or someone on a different sleep schedule, and you don't want to be bothered by their movements. It can also be a good choice for restless sleepers in general. 

Don't buy it if...

 You sleep hot: Although the Casper Original is designed not to cling on to body heat, if you struggle with overheating at night, consider upgrading to the Casper Snow (currently up to 39% off at Amazon), which is specifically designed to keep you cool. 

❌ You're on a really tight budget: If you're on a tighter budget check out the Element instead. This budget-friendly model is  25% off at Amazon for Prime Day, taking the price of a queen size down to $446.25. This matches the lowest price I've seen, and this mattress isn't available direct from Casper. 

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