This epic luxury mattress deal ends in a few days – don't miss it

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Is your new year's resolution to sort out your sleep habits once and for all? If so, it's time to sort your bed setup, and this 55% off Brook + Wilde mattress deal is a great place to start. Use discount code XMAS55 to claim. This offer is due to end on 8 January, so you have a few days to make up your mind, but we're expecting prices to rise again after that, so don't wait around for too long. 

For our money, this is one of the best mattress brands around. We expect similar quality across the lineup, but for the purposes of this article, let's focus on the cheapest model, which scored highly across the board in our Brook + Wilde Elite mattress review. You can choose from three firmness options to suit your body type and sleep style. Here's a closer look at the deal...

Brook + Wilde The Elite mattress: £999£449.55 at Brook + Wilde

Brook + Wilde The Elite mattress: was £999 now from £449.55 at Brook + Wilde

Overview: The Brook + Wilde Elite is the most affordable of this brand's lineup. The 28cm tall, hybrid design is available in three different firmness options, can suit almost anyone. It performed well across the board in our review.

Price history: This mattress is never sold at full price, but the usual deal knocks 45% off, while this current offer knocks 55% off. It's incredible value for that price.

Extras: There's free premium delivery to your room of choice, and you'll get a 200 night trial that you can use to make sure this is the best choice for you. This brand offers a 10 year warranty.

Buy the Elite if...

You like a traditional mattress feel: The Elite does have a bit of memory foam to keep things comfortably cushioned, but the overall feel is fairly traditional. It's supportive, a little bouncy, and responsive enough that you won't struggle to change position. 

You want to pick your firmness: The fact you can choose from three different firmness options means you can choose the profile that suits your sleep style and body type (and swap for another feel during your trial if you choose wrong the first time). Side sleepers and lightweight people might want to go medium or soft, while heavier people and back / stomach sleepers should consider a firm for extra support.

✅ You want incredible value for money: These mattresses sit in the mid-range price bracket and while there are cheaper options about, you'd be hard pressed to find a mattress that offers better value for money. Setup is included with the free delivery.

Don't buy the Elite if...

❌ You want a contouring memory foam hub: Although it's comfortably cushioned, this is a mattress you sleep on top of rather than sinking into. If you want a mattress that moulds to your shape, check out the Emma Original, which is 15% off in the January sales

❌ You're pressed for time: Brook + Wilde's mattresses are made to order, so delivery takes longer than most bed-in-a-box brands (up to four weeks). If you're in a rush, most of the other beds in our best mattress roundup can be on your bed frame in a day or two.

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