Saatva's doing a reverse-Santa and hiking prices for Christmas… but we can still get you $400 off

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This is not a drill: Saatva's putting its prices up on Friday, which means that if you've been thinking about buying one of its premium mattresses, you'd better do it now before they become even more premium. And if you need just a little more motivation, how about getting $400 off while you're at it?

If you're after the best mattress, Saatva's hard to beat, but its beds don't come cheap and you should always take advantage of Saatva mattress deals. Right now there's 15% off purchases over $1,000 in the Saatva sale, but in most cases you'll save more by using this link to save $400 when you spend over $1,000. That'll get you our favorite mattress, the Saatva Classic, for $1,595 in a queen size; that's $101 less than you'll pay in the official sale.

We're hoping to get the details on Saatva's price increases soon, but going on previous increases we'd expect most mattresses to go up by at least $100 and likely more, so you should really get in there and buy today. Here's what you need to know:

Saatva mattress deal: save $400 when you spend over $1,000
Beat the price increase:

Saatva mattress deal: save $400 when you spend over $1,000
Beat the price increase:
Follow our link to take $400 off your bill when you spend over $1,000 at Saatva. This deal will get you the lowest prices on most Saatva mattresses, and after Friday you'll likely have to pay quite a bit more when you buy. With this deal you can get the Saatva Classic in a queen size for $1,595; our Saatva Classic mattress review can tell you why this one's a must-have. Alternatively, get the premium all-foam Loom & Leaf in a queen size for $1,995, rather than $2,036 in the regular sale; see our Saatva Loom & Leaf mattress review to learn more. All Saatva mattresses come with free white glove delivery direct to your bedroom, as well as a 365-night trial and a forever warranty.

Our deal will get you the best prices on most of Saatva's range, but negotiating its standard sales can be tricky, particularly if you're after one of its more expensive beds, as some sales deliver better discounts than others. However we've crunched the numbers to help you figure out which Saatva deal gets you the cheapest mattress.

The bottom line right now, though, is that if you want the best value you should buy before Friday, so make sure you get your order in before Saatva's prices go up.

If you need a cheaper option but are fixed on Saatva, you could opt for a topper. Head to our Saatva High-Density Foam Mattress Topper review to find out more. 

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