Which Saatva deal gets you the cheapest mattress? I’ve crunched the numbers and this is when to buy for the best savings

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If you're searching for a new mattress and you insist on the best, there's one sleep brand that should be high on your shopping list and that's Saatva. You'll find its flagship mattress, the Saatva Classic, right at the top of our best mattress guide, and its mattresses can be found in most of our other mattress buying guides. Basically whatever your sleep preferences, there's a Saatva mattress for you.

The only trouble is that Saatva mattresses don't come cheap; they're premium handcrafted beds, and even its cheapest bed, the Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid, starts at $995 for a twin. Fortunately Saatva mattress sales are a near-constant thing and will give you a healthy discount on your new bed; however, Saatva switches its deals around on a regular basis, and the discount you'll get on your preferred bed today might not get you the cheapest price.

I've been monitoring Saatva's sales for a long time and because of that, I have a pretty strong handle on its typical discounts. Depending on which mattress you're after, some deals are better than others, but if you're not me and don't spend an unhealthy amount of time tracking Saatva deals, you might not realize that you could get a lower price if you hang on for just a few days.

I don't want you to pay more for your Saatva mattress than you really should, so I've sat down and done the math to reveal exactly which Saatva deal you should wait for, according to which mattress is on your wishlist. Here's what you need to know.

Saatva mattress sale: $400 off purchases over $1,000

Saatva mattress sale: $400 off purchases over $1,000
The current Saatva mattress deal is a regular offer and will save you 15% when you spend over $1,000 on your new mattress, however by using our link you can instead take $400 off purchases over $1,000. As you'll learn in a bit, this is almost the best deal you can get on many Saatva mattress, and with it a queen size Classic will cost you $1,595. In some cases, though, you'll do better with the 15% off deal; read on to learn more so that you can make the best buying decision.

Saatva deals: the basics

Saatva Loom & Leaf Mattress

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Right now there are two main Saatva deals that you'll see most of the time. The one that I see most often will take between $200 and $500 off when you spend over $1,000. It's usually along these lines:

A table listing the discounts in a typical Saatva mattress sale

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There's often a little variation in that sometimes the qualifying amount you need to spend is lower; that's worth knowing about if you want to buy the Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid in a twin size, because its $995 MSRP means that it's not always discounted. It's also worth knowing that you're unlikely to get $500 off if you're buying one mattress, unless you're after the advanced Solaire mattress in the biggest sizes.

The other main Saatva deal, and the one that's running at the time of writing, is much more straightforward: 15% off purchases over $1,000. This is where things get interesting: because it's not a tiered deal, it means that there are opportunities for bigger savings on Saatva's more expensive beds. I'll come back to that in a bit.

Just to complicate matters, however, there are a couple of flash sales I've spotted this year that can get you the lowest prices on most (but, it turns out, not all) of Saatva's mattresses. These are straight cash discounts when you spend over $1,000; a few times this year you've been able to get $400 off (in fact you can bypass the current deal right now and get $400 off with our special link), and for a few days in August there was a $500 discount. Bottom line: if you spot one of these flash sales, it's almost always the best time to buy.

Which Saatva deal gets you the cheapest mattress?

The Saatva Memory Foam Hybrid mattress in a bedroom

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All right, let's get to the nitty-gritty of when you should buy your chosen Saatva mattress. If it's the Saatva Classic in a queen size you want, the easy answer is that there's just $1 difference between the two standard deals, but you'll get a lower price if you wait for a flash sale (although you may have to wait a while).

For a more detailed overview, I've prepared this hopefully not too confusing table, detailing what you'll pay for a queen size mattress in every sale:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Header Cell - Column 0 MSRP (Queen)Standard deal15% off deal$500 off flash$400 off flash
Loom & Leaf$2,395$2,095$2,036$1,895$1,995
Memory Foam Hybrid$1,795$1,495$1,526$1,295$1,395
Latex Hybrid$2,195$1,895$1,866$1,695$1,795

With so many numbers it's not easy to spot the best deals, so I've also prepared this image with the lowest prices highlighted:

A table showing the prices of queen size Saatva mattresses in its various sales

(Image credit: Future / Jim McCauley)

The 'Standard deal' and '15% off deal' columns are the ones with the prices you'll pay most of the time, and you'll see than with the exception of the Classic and the Memory Foam Hybrid, you'll get a cheaper queen size with Saatva's 15% off deal, which means that now's a really good time to buy.

However, if you happen to come across the rarely-seen $500 off flash sale, that'll get you the lowest price on everything except the Solaire. And the $400 off flash sale, which crops up a little more regularly, will get you lower prices on the four cheaper models, but if you have an eye on Saatva's four premium models, you're still better off with the 15% off deal.

Got all that? Congratulations; you're all set up to get the lowest possible price on any Saatva mattress. Happy shopping!

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