Getting fit for lighter weather? Save 33% on this walking treadmill in Amazon’s Spring sale

Urevo treadmill
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The best under-desk treadmills are definitely one of the bigger fitness trends that have come out of TikTok so far. Cheaper and easier to store than a traditional treadmill, an under-desk or walking treadmill can help you get more steps into your day even when you don’t leave the house. 

This kind of low-intensity exercise has huge benefits, but even these simple walkingpads tend to cost upwards of three and four hundred dollars. 

However, as part of Amazon’s big spring sale, fitness kit manufacturer Urevo is discounting its Urevo Walking Pad from $299.99 to just $199.99, saving you $100. It’s a great deal, and a little investment can galvanize you to get active as we head into the lighter spring and summer months. 

Check out the deal in full below. Not in the US? Check out deals where you are at the end of this article.

Get the Urevo Walking Pad deal here:

Urevo Walking Pad: was $299.99 now $199.99 at Amazon

Urevo Walking Pad: was $299.99 <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank">now $199.99 at Amazon

Save a cool $100 at Amazon when buying this nifty Urevo Walking Pad. Its slim design allows you to slide it under a sofa or bed when not in use, and the remote control magnetically attaches to the side of the treadmill, so you’ll never lose it. A great space-saving fitness device, now one-third off. 

Why get this deal?

Getting fitter and healthier isn’t just about hitting the gym for uncomfortable, high-intensity exercise: TikTok’s trend of toning things down from strenuous activity to low-intensity movement and making exercise accessible to everyone has been huge (remember Hot Girl Walk?), and many people are seeing big health changes as a result of this. 

Instead of watching Netflix on the sofa or taking calls on an office chair, a walking treadmill can allow you to get more steps in throughout the day.

With a max speed of 4mph, the Urevo is suitable for some light jogging, but it certainly isn’t for experienced runners: like most walking pads, it also doesn’t have a gradient option. 

However, if you’re just looking to walk more for wellness, heart health or or weight loss, the Urevo, with its joint-friendly belt cushioning and 265lbs weight capacity, could be a good place to get started. 

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