Which network offers the best iPhone 12 deals in the UK?

iPhone 12 deals
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iPhone 12 deals are going to be coming at you from all sides but which is the best network for your ideal offer? Since this is a full powered 5G iPhone you will want to be on a network that lets you take advantage of all that extra speed.

Yup, the iPhone 12 is a very powerful device. It packs in the latest A14 Bionic chip which Apple says is the world's first five nanometer processor. That means it's more efficient per size, so it will use less battery yet produce more speed. Ideal.

All that power is needed since the new iPhone can fill the 6.1-inch OLED XDR Super Retina display, run the dual 12MP f/1.6 aperture camera system for photos and Dolby Vision video recording, power Siri and, of course, get you the most out of that 5G connection.

At time of publishing there are different speeds available on different networks in the UK for 5G. Here is what you need to know about each so you get the best network for iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 deals on EE:

EE claims to have a powerful 5G network in the UK and that should help with the iPhone 12. Of all the major UK networks the EE 5G capacity is the best. 

In fact EE claims it has four times more 5G coverage in London specifically than Vodafone, O2 and Three. Yet it's best availability is in Birmingham where it accounts for 40.2 percent of 5G coverage.

EE 5G is available in 112 towns and cities including Aberdeen, Blackpool, London, Oxford and more. Check out the full list here.

However, EE can end up being the most expensive network due to its positioning on speeds. If you find a cheap EE deal, you're good to go!

iPhone 12 deals on Vodafone:

Vodafone offers 5G coverage across 54 cities and towns in the UK, with the full list here. So the iPhone 12 will get a chance to show off its top speeds on this network.

What vodafone offers that the other networks don't is more 5G coverage across the EU also. While EE, O2 and Three have no coverage outside the UK, Vodafone keeps you connected at top speeds across 193 EU locations.

Vodafone excels in terms of 5G availability in Bristol, where it offers 16.8 percent of availability.

Vodafone, like O2 below, also has a strong reward scheme. Once signed up, you get access to competitions, free gifts, movie tickets, extra data and a whole lot more.

iPhone 12 deals on O2:

O2 does offer 5G coverage and that will apply to the iPhone 12, of course. O2 offers its 5G connection in 75 towns and cities across the UK with the full list here.

The city O2 offers the best availability of 5G is Belfast but even that is with a poor 0.6 percent.

O2's 'Priority Scheme' gets you access to free concerts (when they're back on of course), free coffees and other similar bonuses, it's a lot like Vodafone's reward scheme really!

iPhone 12 on Three:

Three has the poorest 5G offering in the UK with 68 towns and cities covered. But when compared to EE this accounted for just 0.3 percent of London while EE takes up 28.8 percent.

The city that Three performs best in for 5G, compared to the other networks, is Birmingham. Yet even here EE holds 40.2 percent of availability.

However, despite Three's lack of 5G excellence, it does make up for that by easily being the cheapest of the four networks and is likely to take the lead on the iPhone 12 as well.

If price wins over speeds and connection for you, Three will be the network at the top of your list.

Check the Three 5G network coverage using this tool.

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