This Black Friday deal on Samsung The Frame convinced my Dad to hang his TV

Samsung the Frame TV
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My Dad doesn’t avoid technology, he just thinks a TV looks ugly when it hangs on the wall. This year, I’m betting on a Black Friday Samsung TV deal on a Samsung The Frame TV at Amazon to change his mind. It isn’t Samsung’s best TV for videophiles, but for my Dad’s needs, and on sale for $997.99 (was $1,497.99), the Frame TV may finally convince him to ditch his ugly entertainment center and put the TV on the wall where it belongs. 

In his two-bedroom apartment, he has a man cave with a large, 60-inch television on an old coffee table. In the living room, he has a smaller, 32-inch set precariously resting on a console table. Every time I come to visit, I knock on the walls, looking for the studs. He considers this a threat. Black Friday TV deals are coming to get my Dad. 

I’m threatening to buy him a fancy new Samsung The Frame TV and hang it on the wall without telling him. He’ll simply come home to find his ugly old console gone, his TV gone, and suddenly he’s inherited a Chagall lithograph. Then I’ll turn on a show starring Mark Harmon, and all will be forgiven. 

Samsung The Frame Black Friday TV deal

Samsung The Frame 55-inch QLED (2022):  $1,497.99 Now $997.99 at Amazon

Samsung The Frame 55-inch QLED (2022): was $1,497.99 Now $997.99 at Amazon
If you're looking for a premium TV deal this Black Friday, Amazon has Samsung's 55-inch The Frame TV marked down to $997.99. That's a whopping $500 discount and the lowest price we've seen for the QLED display. The best-selling Frame TV transforms into a beautiful piece of art to seamlessly blend into your home's decor and includes customizable bezels, smart capabilities a slim-fit wall mount. 

I’d like to spring for the great Amazon Black Friday deal on a 55-inch Frame TV for under $1000, but even the smaller models are on sale. The 43-inch Samsung The Frame is $797.99 at Amazon, and that TV would definitely blend nicely with his hanging art. Plus, I’m still getting an upgrade over the old LCD TV he’s resigned to guests.

A couple of years ago, my father downsized from a large, five-bedroom ranch house to this much smaller place. He is used to having extra rooms with space for large tables. He remembers having a huge entertainment center built to surround his 36-inch CRT television.

My Dad has tchotchkes, is what I’m trying to say. He has decor, of his own sort

That entertainment center sprouted photo frames from it’s top like a flower garden of grandchildren. My Dad is used to the television being part of the furniture. In fact, in the living room the furniture part is more important than the television part. The most important thing his living room TV needs to do is blend in.

My Dad doesn’t have a lot of artwork, but he has a few nice prints that he has collected in his travels that he is proud to show off. He has knick-knacks and vases strewn about. My Dad has tchotchkes, is what I’m trying to say. He has decor, of his own sort.

Samsung The Frame TV 2021

Samsung's The Frame TV (Image credit: Future)

An imposing, 55-inch black rectangle towering above would be more reminiscent of Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey than it would be welcome entertainment. The Samsung The Frame TV, with its chameleon ability to disguise as artwork, would blend seamlessly into the room. It may even be an improvement.

My needs are very selfish. I watch TV in the living room when I visit. Me and the grandkids all use the TV more than my Dad. I want a better TV to watch when my Dad settles into his man-cave with his CBS crime dramas. I’d prefer a gorgeous OLED set or even a huge QLED with mini-LED backlighting. Maybe in my own house.

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