The world's best TV is $4,000 off right now at Samsung - but should you buy it?

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Samsung has just launched a number of TV deals on its official site this week as part of its Spring Discover Samsung event (opens in new tab) - including one that offers up to a whopping $4,000 off the stunning Samsung QN900A Neo-QLED.

Retailing for $4,999 (was $8999) (opens in new tab) on its high-end 85-inch variant, $3,999 (was $6,999) (opens in new tab) for the 75-inch, and $2,999 (was $4,999) (opens in new tab) for the 65-inch, these are collectively the lowest prices yet for the display that we've ranked as the best TV you can buy for 2022 (opens in new tab).

With Samsung's latest 'Quantum' Mini LEDs, the Samsung QN900A Neo-QLED (opens in new tab) not only offers the brightness that regular QLEDs are known for but incredible black levels. In short, it's part of a new wave of TVs that offer OLED-like colors and contrast levels with zero of the associated drawbacks - all with a gorgeous bezel-less design. As you can probably tell, we're massive fans of this display here at TechRadar, so we'd recommend checking out Samsung's latest TV deals if you're interested.

Neo-QLED TV deals at Samsung

$8,999 (opens in new tab)

Samsung QN900A 85-inch Neo-QLED 8K TV: $8,999 $4,999.99 at Samsung (opens in new tab)
Save $4,000 -
It's pricey, but the Samsung QN900A Neo-QLED is easily one of the best TVs money can buy in 2022. Not only does it feature incredible upscaling, contrast, and blacks thanks to its powerful processor and innovative 'Quantum' Mini LEDs, but it looks absolutely gorgeous thanks to its nearly bezel-less display.
75-inch: $6,999 $3,999.99 (opens in new tab) | 65-inch: $4,999 $2,999.99 (opens in new tab)

Should you buy the Samsung QN900A Neo-QLED?

Samsung QN900A Neo QLED 8K

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First of all, let's get this out the way - this is obviously by no means a cheap TV. If you're interested, we're already going to assume you're either a TV enthusiast or have some serious scratch to spend. While financing options are available, we'd recommend checking out our cheap TV deals (opens in new tab) page if you're looking for something more reasonably priced.

There are also some drawbacks to the Samsung QN900A - it's an amazing TV, no doubt, but it's not perfect. Firstly, we found its anti-glare coating still quite reflective, and it also doesn't support Dolby Vision, annoyingly. There's also the real elephant in the room in that there's still not much true 8K content available at the moment to put his display through its paces.

However, that second point isn't a huge biggie as the Samsung QN900A is consistently capable of amazing upscaling. Even 1080p content will look great on this display thanks to some clever processing trickery, and 4K content, as you would imagine, looks even better. An 8K display will also future-proof you for a good few years down the line - which is essential when you're spending this much on a display.

And, minor quibbles aside, it's hard to deny how incredibly lavish the picture quality is on these displays. Whether you're a hard-core cinephile or a next-gen gamer that will make use of this displays HDMI 2.1 ports, it's a pricey but worthwhile purchase.

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