The best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 deals and Note 20 Ultra deals for March 2024

You'll find all of this week's best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 deals and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra deals all neatly lined up on this page right now. Note, as of early to mid 2022 both these devices are officially discontinued and no longer available at the official Samsung store or big carriers. Because of this, we'd heavily recommend checking out the newer Galaxy S22 Ultra deals for an equivalent, but more recent device. Still interested in these older devices?  Luckily there are still a few listings here and there at Amazon and the like, which you'll find just down below.

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If you're a fan of giant phones, no doubt you've been closely folowing these devices since their launch way back in 2020. These are premium phones with some hefty price tags, which makes Samsung Galaxy Note 20 deals specifically a good option in regards to affordability. 

While older devices now, both these phones still hold up as of 2022 when it comes to power, features, and design. In fact, they're quite possibly the last devices that will ever be released by Samsung to carry the 'Note' branding - which is essentially the designation for the companies phablet form factor devices. Of course, it's not a major bummer for fans of bigger devices, as the the newer Galaxy S22 Ultra is essentially a spiritual successor to these devices,

Following the launch of 2020's Samsung Galaxy S20 and 2019s Note 10, the Galaxy Note 20 looks to pack in some powerful, albeit iterative improvements over its predecessors. A 6.7-inch FHD+ display with 60hz refresh rate, lavish triple camera setup, upgraded processor, RAM, and 'S' pen mean there's a lot to offer from this premium smartphone. 

For those not content with simply iterative improvements, the Samsung Galaxy 20 Note Ultra represents Samsung at the very top of its game. Onboard is an expanded 4500mAh battery, lavish 6.9-inch Quad HD screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, and a stunning triple camera setup - complete with 108Mp lens.

Both devices come with the dedicated 'S' pen, IP68 ratings and fast wireless charging capabilities. You can find out more about where to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 20 deals below.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 deals

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: what you need to know

Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 deals prices preorder

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OS: Android | Screen size: 6.7-inch | Resolution: 1440 x 2960 | Memory: 8GB Ram | Weight: 192g |Storage: 128/256GB | Battery: 4300mAh | Rear camera: 12MP + 12MP + 64MP| Front camera: 10MP 

The latest in Samsung's vaunted phablet range is here, and surprisingly, manages to keep the launch price down - debuting in at $999 / £849. 

Don't get us wrong this is still a hefty price to pay for a smartphone, but considering the amount of power on display here, it's a fair price for those power users this phone marks as its target audience. 

New appointments include an upgraded 'S' pen, camera spec, as well as some choice improvements to the internal ram and processing power - welcome additions for those who want to make full use of that phablet form factor.

The upgrades and comparatively low launch price does come with a few trade-offs though, as you're still not getting a curved screen here - a feature we would have liked to see, especially when compared to the lush 120hz display on the Galaxy S20.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra deals

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: what you need to know

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 deals price preorder

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OS: Android | Screen size: 6.9-inch | Resolution: 1444 x 3096 | Memory: 12GB Ram | Weight: 208g |Storage: 256/512GB | Battery: 4500mAh | Rear camera: 108MP + 12MP + 13MP| Front camera: 10MP 

The bigger brother of the two new devices - the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra debuts as surely one of the best smartphones on the market right now, although at an eye-watering $1,299 / £1,179 asking price.

That's a heavy investment for even the deepest of pockets, but you are getting some absolutely killer specs here. A gigantic 6.9-inch Quad HD screen that's been upped to 120Hz refresh rate, a stunning array of cameras capable of up to 100x zoom, and 12GB of RAM - more than some ultrabooks at this price.

Lining up against the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, this new phablet gives power users another compelling premium choice - assuming that asking price isn't too unsurmountable.

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