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The Simba GO Hybrid mattress with a badge overlaid saying "DON'T MISS"
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We're big fans of the Simba GO Hybrid mattress here, but most of the time it's a bit of a tough one to recommend that you actually buy. In our Simba GO Hybrid Mattress review we gave it a really high rating, praising its sustainable credentials, excellent pressure relief and suitability for most sleepers. However the big issue with it is its price.

The GO Hybrid is Simba's second most expensive mattress after the Simba Hybrid Luxe, but unlike the Luxe, the GO is hardly ever included in Simba mattress sales. It was discounted at a generous 45% off when it launched in the summer of 2022, but for most of this year it's been resolutely set at full price while most of the Simba range received a 40% discount.

Just this week, though, Simba has quietly added the GO Hybrid to its sale, and if you're after a sustainable luxury mattress from one of our favourite sleep brands at a much more reasonable price, we'd recommend that you get on this straight away.

Simba GO Hybrid:  was

Simba GO Hybrid: was £2,299 now from £1,379.40 at Simba
The Simba Go Hybrid has designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and is made using a mix of mix of natural, organic and recycled materials, as well as being the only Simba mattress to feature a latex layer. We hardly ever see this model on offer, but right now there's 40% off and a double is on sale for £1,379.40, reduced by £920.

Why all the rush? In short, we don't know how long the GO Hybrid is going to be available at this price. It's been at full price for months now, and every week we look at the Simba site to see which mattresses are discounted, and every week we come away feeling sad that the GO Hybrid's once again excluded from the sale party.

Another reason to get a shift on if you want to own this great organic mattress is that right now it's not available as a single; that size is showing as sold out with no indication that it's ever going to be back. That's a little strange, and we can't help but wonder whether Simba's quietly running its stock of the GO Hybrid down; in which case, if you want to own one, now's the time to make a move.

You won't regret it if you do. While our reviewer found that front sleepers and people of heavier build might find it a little too soft and not quite supportive enough, for everyone else it's one that's brilliant at pressure relief and which won't get too hot at night. That's partly because of airflow through the coils, and also thanks to the fact that latex doesn't trap heat like memory foam does. And while the GO Hybrid has only picked up 11 reviews on Simba's site (compared to 332 for the Simbatex Foam mattress that launched around the same time), they're largely very positive and full of praise for its comfort and support, with a couple of reviews stating that it helped reduce back pain.

Find out more about the GO Hybrid at Simba, and get it while it's discounted.

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