Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are back to a terrific low price on Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live
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The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live normally sell for $150 but an offer on Amazon right now drops the price to just under $100. That’s a great deal for these earbuds – a set that we called “a true jump forward ” in our Samsung Galaxy Buds Live review.

The Galaxy Buds Live launched for $170 almost two years ago, but their unique shape and style won us over and haven’t been truly replaced in Samsung’s earbuds lineup. The unique style isn't just for looks, too, they actually fit really well and gave us a great bass thump that we wanted.

Today's best Samsung Galaxy Buds Live deal

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live:$149.99$99.99 at Amazon
Save $50 -

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live: $149.99 $99.99 at Amazon
Save $50 -
The Galaxy Buds Live have dropped by 33% at Amazon, making them just under $100. We love the unique shape and fit of the Buds Live, and even though new Galaxy Buds Pro are on the way, we still recommend this deal. 

Now, we must point out that Samsung is hosting a product launch event next week and some new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 2 is tipped to be on the menu. Still, a new product won’t change our minds about enjoying the Buds Live, so this is still a deal we recommend. The only thing is the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live lack good water protection, so if you sweat a lot while running or if you want to use them in a torrid environment, you’re better off waiting for the Galaxy Buds Pro 2. Check out earbuds deals hub for the latest prices

If you need a new phone in addition to new earbuds, then Samsung currently offers the Galaxy Buds Live or Galaxy Buds 2 for free with the purchase of a new phone. If it's either of the manufacturer's upcoming foldable phones you're interested in, you can still register your interest in the Galaxy Z Flip 4 or Fold 4 and get up to $200 free credit.

We’ve also kept up to date with the latest developments in Samsung’s wireless headphones. Here are some ideas for how Samsung’s next Buds could compete with the ubiquitous Apple AirPods. We've also got the latest AirPods deals right here.

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