How to get the lowest prices on Saatva's best mattress for Memorial Day

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If you have an eye on buying a Saatva Classic mattress in the Memorial Day mattress sales but you've been holding off just in case a lower price comes along, I really don't blame you. 

Saatva has a tendency to switch up its sales on a regular basis; I know this because it's part of my job to keep tabs on the Saatva mattress sales, and I've been watching the Saatva site all week and waiting for the it to unveil its final Memorial Day sale. It's been running a sliding scale of discounts between $200 and $500 when you spend over $1,000 for quite a while now, and I'd been expecting a new sale to appear today.

But no; it seems that this is the actual Memorial Day sale. And while it'll get you a decent enough saving on the Saatva Classic, if you want TechRadar's best mattress pick at the lowest price, I have a better option for you. In the standard Saatva Memorial Day sale you'll pay $1,695 for a Saatva Classic in a queen size; not a bad price, but instead you should use this Saatva discount code, which takes $375 off purchases over $1,000, so a queen size Saatva Classic will instead cost you $1,620. Here's what you need to know:

Saatva Classic mattress

Saatva Classic mattress
Take $375 off when you spend over $1,000

Summary: The Saatva Classic is a luxury innerspring hybrid mattress, and this premium sleep brand's flagship model. It comes in three different firmness levels and two heights, so you can customize it to your preferences.

Key features: Innerspring hybrid mattress made with organic cotton, memory foam and pocketed coils, three firmness options (3, 5-7 or 8), 11.5" or 14.5" depth. 365 night trial, 15 year warranty.

Price history: The MSRP of a queen size Saatva Classic has climbed from $1,770 to $1,995 over the past year, and it's usually discounted to around $1,695. The lowest price this year was in March when we had a special discount that dropped the price to $1,495. It's unlikely to be anything like that low again until Black Friday, if at all, so this current deal's worth grabbing with both hands.

Reviews consensus: TechRadar: ★★★½ | Tom's Guide ★★★★½ | T3: ★★★★

Buy it if: The Saatva Classic is an excellent choice if you really want to be able to customize your bed, thanks to its firmness and depth options. It's also a strong choice if you suffer from back pain as it's designed to keep your spine aligned, and thanks to its predominance of coils it's really breathable and won't trap heat at night.

Don't buy it if: There's foam in the Saatva Classic but not a lot, which makes it a poor choice if you love the hug of memory foam. And if you're on a budget it's probably a bit pricy for you, even with this discount; we'd instead direct you towards the DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid, which is 40% off in the Memorial Day sales, with a queen costing $799.

Even if you prefer another Saatva mattress to the Classic, our discount code will most likely get you a better price than the official Saatva Memorial Day sale. Basically, it gets you the best price when you spend between $1,000 and $2,999, which accounts for most of the Saatva range, even the Saatva Latex Hybrid in a king size. However, if you want to splash out on the adjustable Solaire in a queen size or bigger, or the dual-sided Zenhaven in a king size, that's when you'll want to go for Saatva's own deal and get $450 off.

One final note: this sale's scheduled to end on 29 May; that is, Memorial Day itself. It's not inconceivable that Saatva might drop a surprise flash sale on the big day, but I wouldn't count on it. My advice to you is to buy now with our voucher code; you'll get a great price and your mattress will arrive sooner than if you wait until Memorial Day. Happy shopping!

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