MacBooks, iPhone 13s and AirPods get up to NZ$113 slashed off their asking price

Apple MacBook Air (M1,2020)
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It’s pretty rare for any of Apple’s products to go on sale, let alone its entire catalogue. But that’s exactly what’s happening on TheMarket this week, as you can now get 5% off anything Apple that’s sold through Noel Leeming’s store on TheMarket.

While 5% off may not seem like much, you’ll be able to save up to NZ$113 on the brilliant MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, while the popular iPhone 13 Pro also sees a price drop of up to NZ$99.95.

This sale is on until February 22, but do keep in mind that stock is limited – so if you see something you like, jump on it now. We’ve highlighted the best deals of the sale below, or you can head directly to TheMarket to see everything on offer.

Apple AirPods (2nd Gen)NZ$239NZ$198.55

Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) | NZ$239 NZ$198.55 (save NZ$40.45)

While the second-gen Apple AirPods were replaced by the third-gen model late last year, they’re still worth buying when you spot a deal as good as this. This 5% off sale from TheMarket has knocked them down to NZ$198.55 a pop, which is almost the cheapest we’ve ever seen them (the lowest was NZ$197).

Apple AirPods (3rd Gen)NZ$329NZ$312.55

Apple AirPods (3rd Gen) | NZ$329 NZ$312.55 (save NZ$16.45)

If you want the newer Apple AirPods, they’re also 5% off at TheMarket, but the saving isn’t as good. This third-gen version comes with big upgrades, as they have Apple’s own Spatial Audio, which makes your music feel fuller despite listening through tiny earbuds. They’re still missing noise cancellation, so if you’re looking for that, check out the AirPods Pro (which are also discounted).

Apple MacBook Air M18GB RAM / 256GB SSDNZ$1,749NZ$1,635.90

Apple MacBook Air M1 | 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD | NZ$1,749 NZ$1,635.90 (save NZ$113.10)

It’s not often we see MacBooks go on sale, so this is a pretty sweet deal. This 2020 edition of the MacBook Air was the first to boast Apple’s own M1 silicon, which has greatly improved both performance and battery life for the laptop. We also love that its price tag is decently competitive with Windows rivals too – and it’s about time. Available on the grey, silver and gold versions.

Apple MacBook Pro M18GB RAM / 256GB SSDNZ$2,199NZ$2,089.05

Apple MacBook Pro M1 | 8GB RAM / 256GB SSD | NZ$2,199 NZ$2,089.05 (save NZ$109.95)

The 13-inch MacBook Pro also had a big refresh to its internals in 2020, so it’s also got the powerful M1 chip at the helm. While it shares many of the same specs with the MacBook Air, the key difference is its use of fans to keep things cool, while the Air is completely fanless (and thinner as a result). That means the MacBook Pro is better at handling intensive workloads for longer. It’s now discounted in grey and silver.

iPhone 13 (128GB)NZ$1,429NZ$1,357.55

iPhone 13 (128GB) | NZ$1,429 NZ$1,357.55 (save NZ$71.45)

Looking to upgrade your phone? The iPhone 13 is available with a small discount at TheMarket, which is something we don’t see too often. While this version isn’t a huge upgrade, it does pack better battery life, a faster processor and an improved camera setup than any iPhone before it. Save NZ$71.45 when you buy it in black, white, red or pink. The larger storage capacities are also on sale.

iPhone 13 Pro (128GB)NZ$1,799NZ$1,709.05

iPhone 13 Pro (128GB) | NZ$1,799 NZ$1,709.05 (save NZ$89.95)

While the iPhone 13 Pro has the same screen size as the iPhone 13 (discounted above) there are a few differences that set it apart. The biggest one is the addition of an extra camera, so you’re getting a telephoto lens on top of the wide and ultra wide lens on the regular iPhone. There’s other perks too, like better portraits in low light. Available in blue or gold, with larger storage options also available. 

iPhone 12 (64GB)NZ$1,249NZ$1,186.55

iPhone 12 (64GB) | NZ$1,249 NZ$1,186.55 (save NZ$62.45)

It’s no longer the latest model, but the iPhone 12 is still a solid choice. It’s got a colourful OLED display, good cameras, plus a pretty funky purple colour option. The iPhone 12 was also the first from Apple to include 5G connectivity, so it’s a phone that’ll be more useful the longer you have it. Keep in mind that while it’s cheaper than the iPhone 13, its storage capacity starts at 64GB. Available in black, white, blue and purple.

iPhone 11 (64GB)NZ$899NZ$854.05

iPhone 11 (64GB) | NZ$899 NZ$854.05 (save NZ$44.95)

If you want to nab an iPhone for under four figures, take a look at the iPhone 11. It first came out in 2019, but we still think it’s an excellent phone, particularly at this price. This handset comes with two sensors on the back, so you can take wider-angle snaps alongside the main camera. The iPhone 11 (64GB) is only available in black at this price, or you can get the 128GB model in black or red.

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