The cheapest unlocked iPhone XR SIM-free prices in December 2021

iPhone XR Fact File

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Release date: October 26 2018
Launch price: $749 / £749 / AU$1,229
Platform: iOS 12
Storage: 64GB
Camera: 12MP / 7MP TrueDepth
Screen: 6.1-inch, 1792x828
Battery: 2,942mAh
Colours: Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Coral, Red
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It’s no longer Apple’s newst affordable rendition of a flagship phone (iPhone 12 deals, anyone?) but that doesn’t mean an unlocked iPhone XR isn’t the perfect option. Going SIM-free could secure you with an excellent price on a top-level iPhone.

And its slightly older position in Apple’s range of devices has done the iPhone XR some good, pulling its once towering price tag down into some comforting regions while still getting some strong specs.

While it will be no iPhone 11 Pro Max in terms of what specs you’re getting, the iPhone XR still manages to stock a 2942mAh battery - the largest pre-iPhone 11 era - a 6.1-inch LCD display and a range of colours.

No, you don’t get those extra camera lenses, it doesn’t go wild on power but the iPhone XR hits hard where it matters...price. Now at its cheapest period ever, a SIM-free unlocked iPhone XR is going to be a strong choice.

No matter where you live, we’ve tracked down the best unlocked prices on the iPhone XR so you can find the SIM-free plan that works best from you.

Today's cheapest iPhone XR unlocked / SIM free prices:

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