HP’s flash sale has a cutting-edge Intel Tiger Lake laptop at an incredibly low price

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HP has just kicked off a 72-hour flash sale with some impressive bargains including a host of deals on laptops and desktop PCs with up to $310 off – plus if you’re a fan of cutting-edge technology (and who isn’t?), there are a couple of notebooks with 11th-gen Intel CPUs that have chunky discounts.

That includes the HP Laptop 14t-dq200, a 14-inch notebook which runs with one of Intel’s Tiger Lake processors, the Core i3-1115G4, and is normally $579.99, but has $100 knocked off the price to make it $479.99.

That CPU is backed by 8GB of system memory and a 256GB SSD, along with a 16GB Intel Optane module.

It’s possible to upgrade the processor to a Core i5 or i7 Tiger Lake model, as well, and indeed there are a range of customization options with this notebook, including the ability to equip it with a touchscreen, double the system RAM to 16GB, or plump for 1TB storage.

While the asking price of $479.99 might seem incredibly cheap for a Tiger Lake portable with a solid specification, there is a weak point here, namely the screen which by default is 1,366 x 768 resolution.

These days, that’s pretty ropey, so we would strongly suggest paying for the upgrade to a Full HD screen which only costs $30, and still means that this HP laptop is a great value proposition at $510.

An upgrade to the Core i5 CPU will also get you integrated Xe Graphics (rather than Intel UHD Graphics with the Core i3), and that runs to $100 – so another way of looking at it is your discount covers the upgrade here. And if you want to play some casual games on the go, Xe Graphics will doubtless pull its weight in that respect.

We’ve highlighted this great deal on the HP Laptop 14t-dq200 below, as well as a couple of other tempting notebook bargains. You can check out the full range of flash sale discounts at HP’s online store, with money having been knocked off not just laptops, but desktop PCs, printers, monitors and more besides.

Naturally, further compelling laptop discounts are bound to be in the pipeline when Black Friday rolls around, and the imminent Amazon Prime Day for that matter (which happens tomorrow).

HP Laptop 14t-dq200: $579.99 $479.99 at HP.com

HP Laptop 14t-dq200: $579.99 $479.99 at HP.com
This 14-inch laptop gives you a Core i3-1115G4 Tiger Lake CPU from Intel, with 8GB of RAM and 256GB storage plus a 16GB Intel Optane module. You can upgrade the processor if you like, and we’d definitely recommend upgrading the screen to Full HD resolution for only $30 extra.

HP Pavilion x360 Laptop 15t-dq200: $799.99 $519.99 at HP.com

HP Pavilion x360 Laptop 15t-dq200: $799.99 $519.99 at HP.com
Like the above machine, the Pavilion x360 is built around the same Core i3 Tiger Lake processor, with 8GB of RAM and 256GB storage. However, this has a bigger 15.6-inch display that is Full HD by default, so this is a great alternative for those who want a slightly bigger notebook – although bear in mind you don’t get the Intel Optane module here (but it’s an option).

HP Envy x360 Laptop 15z-ds100: $799.99 $749.99 at HP.com

HP Envy x360 Laptop 15z-ds100: $799.99 $749.99 at HP.com
Those wanting a cutting-edge AMD alternative rather than a Tiger Lake CPU should check out this laptop built around a powerful 6-core Ryzen 5 4500U chip. Again it has 8GB of RAM and 256GB storage, with a 15.6-inch Full HD screen. The discount isn’t quite as hefty in this case, but $50 off is still a solid bargain for a laptop offering this kind of performance.

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