HP back to school sale: unmissable savings of up to 77% on laptops, desktops, and more

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The HP back to school sale is now underway with massive savings of up to 77% available on laptops, desktops, monitors and more.

If you or someone you know needs a new device for the upcoming school year then there are a number of terrific laptop deals available no matter your budget and needs. We've picked out a few of the best right here, or you can click through to browse the full sale yourself just below.

To get the best bang for your buck, you should check out this HP Pavilion 15t that's down to $649.99 (was $979.99). It comes with an impressive selection of high-end components including a speedy Intel i7 processor, 16GB of performance-boosting RAM, and a large 512GB SSD. As an all-around device that can handle demanding work as well as all your general computing needs you won't find better value in the current sale.

If it's a cheaper and more basic device you need for light use or less intensive school work, then consider one of the Chromebooks in the sale. These devices are less powerful but still offer good value for money if your needs are much lighter and boast excellent battery life. For example, take this HP Chromebook 14a that's now $249.99 (was $369) - it's an ideal budget pick exactly for those reasons.

5 best deals in the HP back to school sale

HP Pavilion 15t: $979.99

HP Pavilion 15t: $979.99 $669.99 at HP
Save $310
– This is the best laptop deal in the HP Back to School sale in terms of value for money. Yes, it's a pricey device at $650, but it's a powerhouse of a machine with an Intel i7 processor, 16GB RAM and a 512GB SSD. If you need a laptop to handle more demanding work or multitasking - along with your everyday use - then this is an excellent buy while it's over $300 off.

HP 17z: $489.99

HP 17z: $489.99 $329.99 at HP
Save $160
– If you don't need such a powerful device then this HP 17z is a good entry-level laptop for those on a smaller budget. With a larger 17-inch display it's not the most portable option but is still fine for light school work and basic tasks. Meanwhile, the 8GB of RAM ensures solid performance for general everyday use.

HP Pavilion 15z: $619.99

HP Pavilion 15z: $619.99 $429.99 at HP
Save $190
– Equally, this HP Pavilion 15z is another excellent buy if our top pick is outside of your budget. It's a small step down in performance, but it still has an AMD Ryzen 5 and 8GB RAM inside, which are good inclusions at this price for a mid-range machine.

HP Pavilion x360: $779.99

HP Pavilion x360: $779.99 $529.99 at HP
Save $250
– Here's a good price for a powerful and flexible 2-in-1 laptop in the HP back to school sale. Many of these devices already come at a premium due to the versatility of the touchscreen display, but this is backed up with some solid components to ensure good all-around performance with lots of storage. If it's within your budget, it's the best 2-in-1 laptop deal available now.

HP Chromebook 14a: $369.99

HP Chromebook 14a: $369.99 $219.99 at HP
Save $150
– And this is one of the cheapest laptops in HP's back to school sale. Understandably, at that price, you come away with a basic device. However, if it's only needed for school work, simple admin tasks and general browsing then it's up to the job, with enough storage for key files and applications. At 14 inches, it's easily portable, too. Plus, as it's a Chromebook, you can expect impressive battery life of up to 11 hours.

Need anything else ahead of the new school year? Head over to our back to school sales hub for all the best deals on other tech and essentials such as stationery, uniforms and more.

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