Get up to £650 off the Pixel 6 now with Google's massive trade-in offer

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We all like the idea of saving a few quid on our new mobile phone deal. But Google has taken that concept to the extreme with its latest promotion, offering a maximum trade-in value of £650 when you buy the Google Pixel 6 now.

And if you're thinking: "Hang on... Pixel 6 deals only cost £599", then you're already one step ahead of us. It means that you could actually end up £50 richer by switching to the Pixel 6.

OK, so that would require trading in a spic and span iPhone 12 Pro Max, but if you like the look of the Pixel 6 with its superb set of cameras, eye-catching new design, Tensor chipset and mid-range pricing, then this is a great chance to knock some cash off the handset price.

To take advantage of the limited-time offer (which only runs until March 30), you can head to the online Google Store, hit 'Buy' and then follow the prompts to get your trade-in valuation.

Google Pixel 6 | Google Store | £599 (less trade-in)

Google Pixel 6 | Google Store | £599 (less trade-in)
Paying less than £600 for Google's current flagship phone is formidable value in its own right, and it's made only better when you consider the chunky wedge you'll save on trading in your old handset. For that price you get a brand new 128GB Google Pixel 6 in your choice of colours: Stormy Black, Kinda Coral or Sorta Seaform.

The trade-in offer is available for UK residents 18+ only. Trade-in value depends on model and condition of qualifying device. Offer ends March 30 at 11.59pm. You can click here for full terms and conditions and the ins and outs of how the trade-in works.

How much you can save with Google's Pixel 6 trade-in deal

The trade-in promotion from Google is available across phone brands as diverse as iPhone and Samsung, to Honor, Xiaomi and Oppo.

Below, we've picked out a few popular handsets that you may already own and their trade-in value against the Pixel 6 from Google. Note that the value stated is based on a working handset, without a cracked screen and the maximum storage space available:

  • Apple iPhone 12 - up to £400
  • Apple iPhone 12 mini - up to £330
  • Apple iPhone SE (2020) - up to £150
  • Apple iPhone 11 - up to £260
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 - up to £255
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 - up to £205
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 FE - up to £180
  • Google Pixel 5 - up to £210

What is the Google Pixel 6 like?

The more affordable of Google's two latest devices, the Google Pixel 6 will stand out to those that want a powerful smartphone at a lower price point - fantastic value that more than competes with the price point of the new iPhone SE.

While it won't compete with the flagships of the world, there are a lot of promising specs on board. The 6.4-inch FHD+ display is bright and clear and, paired with the 90Hz refresh rate, will provide fluid moves as you swipe around the phone's interface.

Person holding a Google Pixel 6 handset

(Image credit: Google)

Google promises a 24-hour battery life from the 4524mAh battery and up to 30% charge in 30 minutes. That paired with the 8GB RAM and 'Google Tensor' processor means this device will be capable of operating most apps without lag or any major trouble.

Google has also fully committed to the security of this device, using end-to-end security along with anti-phishing and malware protection, multi-layer hardware security and plenty more.

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