Get this superb portable monitor for a new-low price ahead of Black Friday

Arzopa Portable Monitor
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Portable monitors are handy if you need a second screen when you’re on the go – and you can save £60 on this Arzopa display in the run-up to Black Friday.

Black Friday 2022 is still over a week away, but we’re being inundated with early Black Friday deals – and if you need a portable monitor for working or playing on the go for those situations where one display isn’t enough, then we’ve found a deal you won’t want to miss.

This is where a 15-inch portable monitor from Arzopa comes in, where it's on offer for £139.99 at Amazon, down from £199.99, saving you £60 and making this one of the best Black Friday monitor deals we’ve seen. (Not in the UK? You’ll find more of today’s best monitor deals further down the page.)

You can plug this handy display into your PC or Mac whenever you need some extra screen real estate – and as the monitor is powered by your device, you don't need to carry an additional plug or worry about keeping it charged.

Today’s best Black Friday monitor deal

Arzopa 15.6-inch Portable HD Monitor: was £199.99 Now £139.99 at Amazon

Arzopa 15.6-inch Portable HD Monitor: was £199.99 Now £139.99 at Amazon
Whether you’re gaming on the train or working in a coffee shop, this is a fantastic, high-quality monitor that you can set up alongside your PC or Mac so that you can work or play – or do both at once – on a larger screen. It has built-in speakers alongside HDMI and USB ports, so it's compatible with a whole host of devices, from laptops and tablets to the Steam Deck – and with £60 off in this early Black Friday deal it’s a serious bargain.

There's been a big rise in people working remotely and on the move, and having a second screen that you can plug in and fire up whenever you need it makes things a lot easier.

Thanks to their slim and lightweight design they’re easy to throw into a bag and take with you, and some – including this Arzopa display, are powered from your device so you don’t need a separate power supply or charging cable. If you’re on the hunt for Black Friday laptop deals or Black Friday gaming deals, this second screen could be the perfect partner for your new device.

If you're also looking at a new Dell laptop, this could be a great compliment to one, especially if you're a big user of Adobe's Creative Cloud suite.

Or if you're an owner of a Steam Deck, this could be a great way of playing Red Dead Redemption 2 for instance on this bigger display.

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